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Project Offerings

In line with our quest to ensure the full realization of our wider goals through specialization, we have created three subsidiaries of the company to provide innovative and responsive solutions for the growing building and construction industry in Nigeria.
They are:

These subsidiaries will deliver the highest quality achieved by our very high level of customer service and standard of professionalism.

Living Environment Turnkey Projects:

We are specialists in building, construction and consultancy services, property development, structural and civil engineering works. Our caliber of specialized manpower combined with our technological proficiency has enabled a celebration of quality for our clients. These high standards are maintained through an in-house culture of career stability and adequate motivation which is reflected in our commitment to the satisfaction of our client’s needs.


Living Environment Properties:

We bring people within reach of affordable and quality housing, undeveloped land, landed properties as well as performing other professional roles of estate agents and managers.

We provide prospective houses and offices to occupants. In order to maintain our standards of credibility, we deal directly with landlords and land-owners. We also ensure that all properties in our portfolio are of distinct quality, with modern facilities to meet very high tastes and standards.

Our team of experts in this field keeps all hands on deck to serve and cater to specific needs of our clients/stakeholders.

Living Environment Gardens:

In addition to our social responsibilities of environmental protection, we do landscaping and maintenance, interior decorations, event decoration and other horticultural services.

As part of our social responsibility to protect, beautify and preserve our national environment, services are offered in both hard and soft landscaping.

While Hard landscaping entails civil works, construction of kerbs, driveways, pavements and walkway slabs, Soft landscaping involves the growth of plants and flowers for indoor and outdoor aesthetics.

Maintenance of gardens and sales of flowers, plants and

flowerpots are also available on the long list of services we render.