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Quality Assurance


It is our policy to provide a defect-free service to our clients, on time, within budget and to their satisfaction.

Every project begins with a strategy and not just a design solution. This strategy arises from understanding the fundamental motives of a brief and the parameters, problems and opportunities it represents. We are always on the lookout for every opportunity to create good architecture in every site, budget and programme.

We constantly monitor our quality performance and will implement improvements where appropriate.

Working as a team is our strongest point, but most importantly we enjoy working with clients who share our belief that architecture can inspire.

Best Practice

As part of our Quality Assurance procedures we constantly review our working methodology and office systems. Staff training is reviewed every now and then to ensure we have the latest technical and professional skills to meet the changing demands of our profession and to give the best quality service to our clients.


We design buildings which are both environmentally and economically sustainable, now and in the future. In order to achieve this we operate a rigorous environmental management system.

Every project undertaken by the practice is evaluated against the following criteria:

Sustainability in Design by:
  • Reviewing design criteria, including building orientation, shading, glazing, insulation, ventilation and construction detailing
  • Reviewing alternative means of supplying energy, including solar energy and others.
  • Limiting reliance upon mechanical plant by using ventilation, thermal mass, and high levels of insulation

Sustainability in Construction by:
  • Sourcing materials from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Use of local materials and labour
  • Use of standard building materials
  • Use of materials and processes with low embodied energy

Sustainability in Use by:
  • Use of robust materials and equipment
  • Consideration of lifecycle costs
  • Rationalization of finishes, fixtures and fittings for ease of maintenance and repair
  • Integrated building design